Canada Goose: the new campaign FW20 is online

Canada Goose: the new campaign FW20 is online

Canada Goose presents the second season of the highly anticipated Live In The Open campaign, renewing its deep connection with cinema and entertainment. A story that passes through the stories of three international protagonists: the adventurer Aldo Kane, the dancer and choreographer Suzette Brissett and the actor Shawn Dou.

Each of them will be the protagonist of a film that tells their unique story and the values that binds them to Live In The Open. Each chapter focuses on the resilience and perseverance inherent in their existence, inspiration for new generations.
Aldo Kane, world record-breaking adventurer and explorer, teaches us how the power of the mind acts on matter. Through the Lightweight Parka that defies gravity, the audience plunges into Aldo Kane’s mind on a fascinating journey, showing how much courage and determination is needed to look inside and face any adversity.

Suzette Brissett, a world-class choreographer and creative director, demonstrates that strength belongs intrinsically to us. Highlighting the movement of the Canada Goose Hybridge jacket, the film recounts Suzette on her journey to inner confidence, taking her out of her comfort zone to find her place in the open.
Shawn Dou, a Chinese Canadian actor, takes us into his cyclical world, defining Canada Goose’s new Light Grey color scheme in an extraordinary way. The film expresses the power of research to overcome the familiarity of everyday routine and discover a new colorful world of infinite possibilities.

Through the point of view of director Lisette Donkersloot, famous for her video clips, the backstage of the three films is also narrated, with images of the talents, producers and creatives who followed their work, explaining Canada Goose’s relationship with the world of the film and entertainment industry. The cast and crew will share their experiences and what led them to work in this industry and what it really means to live and work outdoors.

Live in the Open is an invitation to all to express themselves freely and without judgment. It will air on October 9, 2020, when the second season will be launched globally. All the videos of the campaign can be viewed on the site by clicking here!