Elan: “We are proud of our history and we guard the future”.

Elan: “We are proud of our history and we guard the future”.

Elan, founded in 1945, has a long, important and illustrious history, and today offers work to almost 700 people. It is one of the most innovative sports brands in the world and one of the most well-known and internationally established among Slovenian brands. Elan products are used in over 600 countries around the world.

The Elan Group celebrates its 75th anniversary with the same passion as ever, the determination to protect its prestige and the visionary commitment to innovate for the future, thanks to its “Always Good Times” philosophy.


At the press conference held at the Elan Alpine Skiing Museum, Leon Korošec, Director of the Winter Division and Vice-President of the Elan Group, emphasized that skiing, as a discipline, has changed a lot over time.
“New disciplines are developing, but the thread that unites them remains the same as always: living unique experiences in the mountains, surrounded by nature, accompanied by snow and sun. This is the context in which unforgettable moments are born to live with family and friends. These are the emotions that inspire our daily work, and create the desire for innovation and development of our brand. We truly believe that every person can become an excellent skier. This is the reason for Elan’s constant commitment to create new innovative products.


“Innovation is part of our DNA”.

Elan was the first and only company in the world to produce the first folding slides, the Ibex Tactix. Moreover, 26 years ago, it introduced Amphibio, the first asymmetric profile technology for right and left skis. It also invented carving skis, the most important revolution in the ski market in recent decades. Today practically every skier uses some Elan invention to make the most of his passion.

Elan has received over 300 international awards for its innovative products and achievements.

“All our skis are made in the Alps!”

The whole company is located in Begunje in the Gorenjska region of Slovenia. As Korošec said: “The best is to have everything at home, at hand. At Elan we are aware of the importance of being agile, fast and adapting quickly to change. Korošec showed the two main pillars of the company: the first is the strength of the brand, which is based on prestige, quality and trust, and the second is the employees. “Machines, buildings … everything worn out by time can be replaced, but the reputation of the Elan brand was built by the determination of generations of our ancestors, and today we carry on that commitment for future generations. That is why today’s ceremony is also a tribute to our employees.

“Legend of skiing, now Elan’s ambassador”.

The press conference was also attended by Bojan Križaj, Slovenian ski legend and member of the Elan family. The champion, who retired from competition, emphasized his pride in being part of Elan’s history as an ambassador, together with the strongest skier of all time, Ingemar Stenmark. Both have helped to develop new products and spread the brand’s prestige at home and abroad. “I would like to thank all the athletes who have contributed to the development of the discipline with their technical support and knowledge. Such innovations are absolutely necessary in order to achieve maximum results in ski racing”.