The new book by Francesca Romana Rinaldi, “Fashion Industry 2030. Reshaping the future through sustainability and responsible innovation” published by Egea – Bocconi University Press, was presented on November 13th during an event dedicated to opinion leaders and press within the renovated Patagonia store in Corso Garibaldi 127 in Milan.
An opportunity to talk about responsible innovation, transparency and traceability of the supply chain, circularity and collaborative consumption in the fashion world.
The book presents an in-depth analysis of the profound changes that companies must manage urgently due to the now known environmental and social problems that lie behind the fashion value chains.

The G7 Summit held in Biarritz in 2019 signed the commitment of 32 brands in the sector in the “Fashion Pact”, an important statement of a gradual alignment with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, focusing action on three gaps related to the topics of “environment”, “biodiversity” and “climate”. The commitment of the 20% of the sector is very important but it’s not enough: the book states that the road is still long, but there is hope for the future of fashion until 2030.

Many business cases are told in the book to show that already today there are many good practices and that the companies’ approach is gradually moving away from greenwashing to become truly strategic.
The book also presents the main findings of more than 50 interviews with opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, managing directors, managers, associations, policy makers, some of which were shared during the event.

Among the key points of the book there is the creation of a new model of circularity in the value chain called “Renewed Fashion Value Chain”.

During the event, were shared numerous testimonials from opinion leaders. Below those of Matteo Marzotto and Matteo Ward, both entrepreneurs from Vicenza with the desire to change the sector by working on responsible innovation.

Matteo Marzotto, Dondup President and author of the preface of the book.
“The system is changing radically and forever. Fashion, which reflects our essence, in its infinite and opportunistic change, will have to learn and make new codes and new terms: environment, circularity, reuse, savings, transformation, optimization. Key concepts for the future of the world and of human beings. A huge challenge, a paradigm shift in which Italy can be a precursor and can take a leading role, promoting responsible innovation thanks to its extraordinary balance between skills and tradition”.

Matteo Ward, WRÅD Co-founder and CEO, author of the postface of the book.
“Today’s society is inwardly oriented and seeking for values to navigate through life. We are all looking for a truthful project for a responsible life that will not have to deprive ourselves and future generations of our essential sources of happiness. And the fashion industry in 2030, the way clothes will be produced and used, will be a reflection of it. It will be the result of today’s growing awareness of the threats to be faced as human beings, if we do not strive to realign our habits with the needs of the planet and of people. And it will be in the hands of all the actors involved who, with their choices in terms of sustainable development, are now defining strategies for the preservation of life. We are working to integrate the dynamics of the circular economy and to build value supply chains in the design process”.

Speakers at the event were also Giorgio Ravasio, Country Manager of Vivienne Westwood Italy, Albert Candiani, owner of Candiani Denim and Sara Sozzani Maino, deputy director of special projects for Vogue Italia, Head of Vogue Talents, International Brand Ambassador National Chamber of Italian Fashion.