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Good Reads: books for outdoor lovers

by Davide Fioraso, Matteo Pavana, Luca Albrisi, Giulia Ficicchia

Bad weather is just around the corner and prevents us from going out and enjoying a nice weekend. Perfect for these days full of rain and wind a nice book to read in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t know what to read? Here is a selection of beautiful readings that you can’t miss!

In Patagonia 

Bruce Chatwin

Adelphi Edizioni


Chatwin’s Patagonia becomes, for anyone who will love this book, a place that was missing from his personal geography and whose need he subconsciously felt. Backpacker, smile on the lips and curiosity in mind, Chatwin faces an unforgettable journey through places of great charm and beauty. Colors, sounds, smells are immediately perceived as tangible and engaging as the stories of the people that the protagonist meets.

La leggenda dei monti naviganti

Paolo Rumiz



8000 kilometers through the mountain chains of Italy; the Alps first, then the Apennines. From Friuli to Calabria, a story that evokes marine metaphors as we were sailing in an immense emerged archipelago. A journey to discover a silent world that enhances an Italy made of altitude, little visible and little told, between legendary re-enactments, myths of our time (Bonatti and Rigoni Stern), musicians looking for roots (Guccini or Capossela).


Francesco Vidotto

Minerva Edizioni


The story of a lumberjack who has never seen the sea.

Oceano Giovanni Maria Del Favero was born on a cart pulled by two not so willing mules as his family was going down from the mountains to seek fortune in America.

Not even the time to open the eyes that he finds himself abandoned and entrusted to two new parents who come from a tiny village in the Dolomites so, ironically, he goes back to the mountains, this time by train, and lives a completely different destiny, grasping gravel with his feet and hands, holding onto this life that, with each step forward, pushes him backward.

Il suono della solitudine

Michele Marziani

Ediciclo Editore


Solitude can give you freedom, but solitude is not for everyone. “Il suono della solitudine” according to the author, is an essay that moves through his memory, from his childhood on the beaches of Rimini to the choice of moving to a small village in Alta Valsesia. A story of research and awareness, but also of acceptance of your own limits. After reading it, what will be the sound of solitude for you?

L’arte di fare lo zaino

Andrea Mattei

Ediciclo Editore


Tell me what you have in your backpack and I’ll tell you which traveler you are. For Andrea Mattei, author of this short book that is impossible not to devour, it is right to be curious about how other travelers fill their backpacks. As the title says, the art of backpacking is an art that must be studied because it will bring us back in the past and will tell us the stories of the most used objects, from Marseille soap to the safety pin, from the Swiss knife to the notebook.

Mountains of the mind

Robert Macfarlane

Einaudi Editore


There was a moment in history when the mountains went from being little appreciated geological areas to arousing the wonder of enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts at the same time. Robert Macfarlane looks for that switch by retracing mountaineering expeditions, artistic creations related to the world of peaks, scientific discoveries and much more. In his pages he shows how these rock giants have remained unaltered and how instead we have changed our approach to them.

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