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Mammut and the Local Adventure: the desire to explore

Before 2020 if they had asked us: “Would you stay locked up for 3 months?” many would have answered: “No, impossible!”. It is no coincidence that all of us have been disoriented during this period and in many countries around the world it is still not possible to travel or live your life normally. With the end of the lockdown, however, Mammut decided to launch a challenge to motivate everyone not to get down because of the impossibility to travel, but to try the best to explore what is around us: “Limit your travel, not your adventures. Explore your surroundings, share your experience and win!”. Many prizes up for grabs. We at The Pill, great fans as you know about adventure, have selected our favorite Explorers and asked them to tell us about their experience! 

Roman Königshofer is an outdoor photographer burning for the outdoors currently based in Innsbruck, Austria. Photography for him is both documentary and artistic. He is happy to hike that extra mile to get the shot.


Here his story about his adventure:

For the Mammut challenge we went deep into the Karwendel mountain range in Tyrol Austria. After the lockdown this was much needed. Finally some fresh water from the streams coming down from the mountains. We fully immersed in nature. Also the physical activity felt so good again. I knew that place just from books but always wanted to go there. It is actually a climbing spot with much history. So this was the time to do it.

I called my buddy Chris and we just went for it. A few kilometers into the valley with the bike and another 1000 vertical meters to hike. We passed by the famous Lalidere bivouac and soon reached the summit. There wasn’t much space to prepare a bivi on top but just enough for us. It felt so good to be up in the mountains again.

Whenever you are up there you see other places you want to go next. The freedom up there is unique. After dinner we quickly crawled into our sleeping bags. Even in summer it can get quite chilly up there. With a stronger wind it quickly starts to feel more like late autumn. The night was ok – short and windy. But you are not up for a mission like that to have a good night of sleep. The sunrise though didn’t disappoint! This is always the moment when you know why you are up there! Priceless!

The second that we choose is Nico Zimmermann also known as Zimy Da Kid,a swiss based adventure filmmaker and content creator. He has a deep passion for adventures and for environmental causes.


Here his adventure:

Early summer 2020, the outdoor brand Mammut reached out to me in order to be part of their local adventure challenge campaign.

In a few words, the goal of the campaign was to show the world that we don’t need to travel to the other side to find an amazing adventure playground and motivate people to explore what’s in their own backyard. I was hired to represent my home country: Switzerland and create a 1min video as well as a few photos that would show my adventure across my homeland.

With that in mind, I started preparing the project. I wanted to show different environments that represent Switzerland: the mountains (obviously), the forest (in both a sunny and rainy environment), the water (waterfall and lakes) and the glaciers. I first started shooting at an amazing ridgeline I discovered just a few weeks before the shoot and that is located only an hour away from my place.

In order to have the best lighting conditions and to share some real adventure vibes, we decided to sleep up there on top of the peak with nothing but our Mammut sleeping bag. Just a few minutes after having reached the top, the rain showed up and had us hesitating for a while and wondering if it would be a good idea to stay up there knowing that the way back down on the ridgeline would get super slippery and a drop on any side would be deadly.

After a little while, the rain and stopped and the weather forecast was looking promising for the next morning. Therefore, we decided to sleep up there. Lucky us, the next morning was amazing and we were rewarded with an amazing sunrise to shoot. The next shooting location was the forest. I wanted two different weather in there to show the contrast between a dark rainy forest and a bright one. It took us a few tries to have the perfect rain conditions and the final result was even better than expected.

Next stop: the lake. We headed to an alpine lake to shoot some water stuff and play around with the waterproof case but the water was way too cold to dive in and since we found an amazing flooded forest on the way to the lake, we decided to change our plans and shoot the flooded forest instead. You don’t see it every day and walking through a forest with water level up to your hips while carrying your backpack on your head definitely gives some adventure vibes to your video. After that, we shot one of Switzerland’s biggest and nicest waterfall. When we arrived there, the sun was shining which wasn’t what I wanted for my shots. We had to wait for about 5 hours before the clouds rolled in and turned the whole scene a lot more moody. We finished the day soaked to our bones but the shots we captured there were some of the best of the entire project.

Finally, I needed an ending scene with both of the subjects finally meeting and being both on the same shot. We did it at Aletsch Glacier, the Alps’s biggest glacier, and this was the perfect way to wrap it all up.

Tms Productions are three filmmakers from British Columbia, Canada. Their team is composed by Tommy, Mitchell, and Stephen!


Here their adventure with Mammut:

When Mammut asked us to be a part of their Local Adventure challenge we were more than happy to do it. We got the gang back together to see what we could capture in our local area.
The weather for the day we were planning to film was not looking ideal. However, with the deadline quickly approaching we were running out of time to make it happen. We then decided to head out, regardless of the weather, and film our Local Adventure. To our surprise, the weather worked in our favour. We managed to see rain, hail, and sun all within a few hours which allowed us to show the versatility of Mammut’s gear.
The location we chose for filming was located in Kelowna, BC Canada. The location had experienced a wildfire a couple of years before that went through and burned up much of the trees and greenery in the area. This provided us with a dramatic landscape that gave our video a very rugged feeling. The area has since seen new growth and is now sprinkled with saplings and young pine trees. This new growth also gave our video a unique color pallet with bright greens scattered amongst the burnt back backdrop.
We were truly honored to be a part of Mammut’s #LocalAdventureChallenge.

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