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The Pill Magazine 44 Women’s Issue

Made by Women for Women: The Pill crew is proud and excited to present the first issue of The Pill Women, an edition entirely dedicated to women who love living in contact with nature.


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by Marta Manzoni


You are a woman to marry. You are an ice queen. Just shut up. You frighten men. You shouldn’t have sex on a first date. You should be more relaxed on a date. When are you going to have a baby? Good girl, you’ve made it to the top all by yourself. You are a badass woman. If a man has sex on the first night he’s cool, while a woman is a slut. “Marta Manzoni should write on women’s magazines and not to deal with the mountains” says a one of my colleague, obviously behind my back. If you are successful, men feel overwhelmed. It is a question of money. If women show up they attract more resources and men do the math. Fear, huh? According to Michela Murgia, speaking is still considered the most subversive thing a woman can do. “I’ll stop fighting for equality and equal pay the day I’ll die” said Serena Williams.

I am a feminist: it means that I believe in the movement that has gender equality as its goal, and the complete emancipation of women on an economic, legal and political level. It means that I hope for a radical change in society and in the man-woman relationship through sexual liberation and the abolition of the roles traditionally attributed to women.

Reaching the top of the profession serves precisely to change the conditions. Have power means to be able decide. And get to that point, as Madeleine Albright said, I think there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.
I am not going to the fucking White House. It is the statement of Megan Rapinoe, captain of the US national team winner of the 2019 soccer world cup and activist of the LGBTQ+ community: a symbolic gesture of the protest against Trump, a machista par excellence. Meanwhile, Italy remains the only country in Europe that does not have women in the instructors body of the UIAGM Alpine Guides. After years of trying, a few weeks ago mountaineer Anna Torretta announced that she had not passed the selections to become an Instructor of the Italian Alpine Guides, rightly wondering why the evaluations for men and women follow the same rules, a very questionable criterion. In sports and even in the Marines there are different categories and standards. “To earn our space, we struggle to become more and more like men. Perhaps there could be another way: go back and look inside us” writes Nives Meroi.


Let’s finish with a certainty:

A fair world is the one in which women run half of our nations and and businesses and men run half of our homes.


And here’s five more tips (paraphrasing Lilli Gruber):

– Say no to men.
– Be financially independent.
– Go out with other women and have fun.
– Always be prepared and study.
– And the most important thing: NEVER SHUT UP.

Tamara Lunger. It was nice to come visit you

An exclusive interview with Tamara Lunger after her return from K2. In an ordinary afternoon, a chat between sacred and profane. Tamara is firmly convinced that in everything that happens there is a teaching, for better or for worse, but only if we are willing to see it.


Federica Mingolla, on dancing slabs

In addition to being an excellent athlete in the world of rock climbing and European mountaineering, Federica is an Alpine Guide since the end of January. Since she was a child, her boundless curiosity has characterized her choices, making her a 360-degree sportswoman.


Caro North

Today she’s an Alpine Guide but Caro North started skiing at 3 and climbing at 10. At 16 she left for her first expedition to Aconcagua. After this, many more followed to remote places to open new routes, climb unclimbed peaks and ski interesting lines.


100% Women Peak Challenge

2021 marks the anniversary (150 years) of the first ascent of the Matterhorn by a woman. Switzerland Tourism, SAC, the Swiss Mountain Guides Association and Mammut launched 100% Women Peak Challenge. A project with the aim of connecting women and giving them perspectives on new experiences.


Dora Atim: the ultra black runner

London-based coach with a long experience in the running world. Short distances, marathons, trail and ultra races, Dora never stops pushing her limits. In 2020 she founded Ultra Black Running for increasing the participation of black women and black non-binary people in the world of running.


Valeria Margherita Mosca: the forager

Forager, environmental researcher and trail runner. In 2010 she founded Wood*ing, a food lab that studies the use of wild food for human food and nutrition. The plant samples that she analyzes are collected by herself in the woods and in the uncontaminated natural environments where she runs.


Luzia Buehler: the future is unwritten

Luzia Buehler was born in Switzerland and still lives near Laax. It is therefore no surprise that she has a background as skier and snowboarder. After years on the board she discovers a great love for trail running that has led her to compete in all the most important international races.


Wafaa Amer. Going beyond, round the corner

With the imminent release of the new short movie by La Sportiva about the Egyptian climber Wafaa Amer called Hura (free), Matteo Pavana gives us a behind-the-scenes look at this rare story, offering us another interesting insight. It is a story about climbing and much more.

Stefi Troguet, the mountaineer with lipstick

In summer 2019 she appeared out of nowhere on top of Nanga Parbat. It was her first Eight-thousander and no one knew anything about her. Stefi Troguet was born in Andorra in 1992 and appeared as an explosion of colors that have been able to conquer the serious mountaineering world.


Hillary Gerardi, without ever stopping

From living in the mountains of the United States, to her present home in the French Alps. Hillary Gerardi is now one of the highest ranking skyrunners in the world. Starting her racing career almost by accident and now setting course records, for Hillary running is just about having fun.


Anatomy of restlessness

The love for the outdoors passed down from father to daughter. The mountain is experienced in an absolutely intimate way and at the same time as a wonderful fight that at sometimes can be pleasant, others times terrible. But where you can be completely yourself.


Erika Siffredi, with snow in his eyes

Passion, professionalism and a lot of love for the mountains. With Cala Cimenti it was love at first sight. For her, the mountain is simply a fullness, that beauty that invades the eyes and heart. This is why she comes back every time, despite cold, tears and fatigue.


Elisa Sortini, wings on her feet

Elisa Sortini is a moving sculpture. Her strength is optimism and discipline: an ambitious personality born from the constant effort to improve. For her, sport is an attitude that has educated her to respect herself and the others.

Eline Le Menestrel

Her last name does not go unnoticed in the climbing community, the young athlete has in fact followed in her father footsteps, one of the French pioneers of climbing. However, Eline is part of that new generation aware of their skills but at the same time attentive to environmental issues.


Wind of change

In Italy, female employment is the worst in Europe and the average salary is one of the lowest. Giulia Delladio, Ruth Oberrauch, Anna Ferrino, Cristina Parisotto, Laura Zaltron, Valeria Colturi and Alice Covini tell us what it means for them to be female managers in the outdoor world.

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