Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium

Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium

By Silvia Galliani

Gore-Tex launches a new footwear technology perfect for mountaineering and use at low temperatures.

The non-waterproof Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium technology improves comfort and protection, in fact it insulates the foot where it is most needed, around the toes, keeping the feet warm longer in cold weather.

Thanks to its exceptional thermal insulation performance per millimeter, the patented Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium insulating material is the thinnest solution for keeping your feet warm. This innovation offers constant performance in wet or dry conditions, moreover, compared to the use of a common insulating material, Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium technology guarantees up to eight times greater heat in the main pressure points of the shoe. The technology is based on human physiology to exploit isolation only where it is needed. The fingers are the area that loses heat faster, causing the unpleasant sensation of having cold feet. Positioned in the toe area, this insulation offers the ideal thermal balance to keep your feet warm and provides the same warmth as traditional bulkier insulation.

It is a noticeable improvement, proven in special laboratory tests and that was immediately adopted by one of the top-of-the-range brands in the mountaineering sector.

La Sportiva G5 EVO is an ultra-technical water-repellent boot for high altitude mountaineering and ice climbing. Quick and easy to put on thanks to the external Boa Fit System closure system, it is equipped with quick-drying materials. It features a gaiter with water-repellent stretch cordura bellows up to the ankle with very high resistance to abrasion. The closure of the customizable collar prevents the entry of ice and snow while the fast lacing adjustment, thanks to the Boa Fit System placed outside the gaiter with two anchoring points for optimal distribution of tension, allows a safe closure with gloves and does not require the opening of the zip. Finally, the Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium Insulation Technology wraps the shoe from the front, including the midsole, increasing its thermal insulation at the tip, favoring the use of the boot even in static situations.