La Sportiva Jackal Test

La Sportiva Jackal Test

Just perfect! An all-around shoe ideal for various situations, not only over long distances.

We Like A very versatile shoe, both in the type of use and according to different users.

Distance Medium, long

Internal Volume Medium, large

Foot Support Neutral

Let’s forget the Akasha, forget the Ultra Raptor too. Jackal is a completely new long-distance shoe. Starting from the technological solutions adopted in the Kaptiva model, similar in the shape and the way of enveloping the foot, Jackal increases comfort and protection, without being cumbersome. The lacing system directly involves the side panels in Net-Mesh, optimally wrapping the foot and facilitating volumes adapation. The tactile sensation offered by the anti-chafing microfiber in the inner lining is amazing. The wraparound tongue, which maintains an ergonomic design, has an intelligent central padding, very effective when it comes to limiting the pressure of the laces. The heel area, slender and tapered, wraps the heel and tendon very well with an almost compressive seal, sufficient enough to give stability to the run. However, Jackal’s heart lies in the innovative sole/midsole package with high energy return polyurethane inserts of the Infinitoo system. The front element increases cushioning, the rear insert contributes to the stabilization of the stroke. The midsole integrates a 1.5mm high density EVA rock-shield. Combined with a not too mush accentuated (but extended) rocker, it creates a sort of crossbow effect that gives an absolutely pleasant and efficient running sensation.

The shoe filters the roughness of the ground very well and lets you perceive the profile of the terrain, bringing the foot to work in a state of stability that avoids stressful corrections. Talking about the, it has a Frixion Red compound with differentiated thickness studs and longitudinal flex grooves that facilitate its action. A versatile solution that well adapts to different types of terrain, preferring dry and compact surfaces. In the typical Dolomite environment it proved to be confident. The less pronounced tessellation does not benefit the use on soft and yielding surfaces. Jackal is a very comfortable all-around shoe adaptable to the most varied situations. Its real soul emerges over long distaces and it is able to safely and comfortably accompany a slower and heavier step, but the reduced volume and its reactivity favor agility even for those who want to push more.





Upper Sandwich mesh (tip and tongue) + thermoadhesive TPU rein- forcements + nylon side panels + Lycra collar

Lining Anti-chafing microfiber

Footbed Ortholite Ergonomic

Midsole EVA with inserts in Infinitoo Technology polyurethane + rock-shield in high density EVA + additional internal cushioning platform layer

Sole FriXion Red bi-compound with lateral IBS studs

Weight 300g

Price € 159,00