Millet alongside Sergi Mingote in the Olympic Route project

Millet alongside Sergi Mingote in the Olympic Route project

Millet confirms Sergi Mingote as brand ambassador and accompanies him in the Olympic Route project. 7,200 kilometres by bike, a sustainable challenge across 10 countries that will see the athlete reach 14 of the most iconic peaks of our continent in 60 days.

Travel companion the bike and 5 bikepacking bags to contain the Millet equipment carefully chosen during these months of testing, the inevitable books and everything you need to kick off this one big Olympic dream!

An extraordinary cycling adventure that began on June 22nd in the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona which saw the athlete cross the Catalan Pyrenees, Andorra and the Aragonese Pyrenees, all candidate places to host the PIRIBCN30 Winter Olympic Games of which Sergi Mingote is the ambassador. On the route through the Pyrenees, the athlete has tackled important peaks including the roof of Catalonia (Pica d’Estats), the Comapedrosa, the highest peak of the Principality of Andorra, and the roof of Aragon and the Pyrenees, Mount Aneto.

And now Italy, first stop Sardinia. “I have 15 stages and almost 1000 km on my shoulders and my body starts to notice the hours of effort, the commitment of the first 10 peaks in the Pyrenees and above all the heat” – comments Sergi Mingote from his Sardinian stage – “I lost three kilos and it’s more and more difficult to drag the Heavy bike with the five side bags. The great fortune is that thanks to Millet I was able to reduce my luggage by almost four kilos, adapting ultra-light garments such as T-shirts and trousers and the indispensable more technical clothing of the Trilogy range for the mountains”.

In the next few days he will head to the Aosta Valley where the athlete will stop his bike to climb the over 4,000 metres of the Gran Paradiso. “In less than a week I will arrive in Turin and from there I will start the most mountainous part of the Olympic Road – continues the athlete – “The Gran Paradiso in the Alps, the peaks of the Cristallo and the summit of the Mezzo, in the Dolomites, will be the pivotal points of my visit to Italy”.

The connections between the mountains of the Alps and the Dolomites will be made by public transport and with an electric vehicle, in order to maintain the carbon footprint at mimino. After crossing Switzerland and reaching Cortina d’Ampezzo, Sergi Mingote will head towards Venice and then Ancona to take the ferry that will take him to the Croatian lands, to continue the bike trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania. The Olympic Route will end in Greece, on the summit of Mount Olympus, the highest peak of the country dear to the gods.