Oxyburn: a sport the protection with the new Mask Active

Oxyburn: a sport the protection with the new Mask Active

From June the brand from Brescia will be on the market with the new hygienic generic protection mask Mask Active.

The ergonomic and washable, hydrophobic and antibacterial face band is designed with the awareness that protection and safety must be fundamental requirements in all phases related to physical activity. Also in the relationship with others before and after each workout, as well as in everyday life, Mask Active meets the needs of those who do not give up movement through the provision of specific measures, including a more breathable front panel and maximum wearability. 


The weft, with B yarn. Bach yarn and silver ion bacteriostatic treatment, is equipped with special protection thanks to Active Microsponge, the high-tech triple-density microsponge panel, designed exclusively for the product, which creates an effective barrier for microdrops released from the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth.

Precisely to facilitate breathing during physical activity, the mask focuses on greater breathability than filtering, using the same materials as the Easy version but conforming to the anatomical shape in four sizes for a more performing fit. It has, in fact, a filtering property of 60% compared to 87% of the previous model, guaranteed also by the reduced space between the single filaments of the fabric. Its surface boasts hydrophobic qualities to repel the absorption of water molecules in the surrounding environment, leaving non-sensitive parts free from unnecessary constraints, especially in view of the summer season.

The mask can be purchased at the suggested retail price of 11,90 euro in six different colours (black, white, acid, pink, lightblue, vision) together with a pochette with the same bacteriostatic characteristics, to avoid any contamination before and after use. You can find it on the e-commerce channels of Verde Pisello, Sportime Mantova, Passsport, King Sport & Style and Sportanza retailers and at the Oxyburn participating stores listed on Oxyburn.