PURE, the new Primaloft technology for the environmental sustainability

PURE, the new Primaloft technology for the environmental sustainability

Reduced carbon emissions by 48% with the Primaloft P.U.R.E. This latest production innovation rewards the commitment to environmental sustainability of Primaloft “Relentlessy Responsible”.

Primaloft, Inc., world leader in materials technology, presented primaloft P.U.R.E., an exclusive production method that reduces carbon emissions by up to 48%.
P.U.R.E., “produced using Reduced emissions”, is the latest innovative result of the responsible and inflexible commitment of primaloft to achieve more sustainable products respecting the very high performance required by the textile industry.

“Precisely because experts in advanced materials technology is our task, and duty, to guide our Developments well beyond the product level” said Mike Joyce, president and CEO of Primaloft. “Over the past four years, we have worked to create solutions that can drastically reduce carbon emissions. The result is a revolutionary change in the production process that will have a very important impact on the environment”.

What are the benefits? The initial insulation realized with P.U.R.E. production technology uses 100% post-consumer recycled material, and presents all the insulating and performance advantages of the existing Gold insulation Primaloft.
The technological change now allows to convert the annual production of Gold insulation Primaloft to P.U.R.E. Primaloft – with these important benefits for the environment:

• 48% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

• Reduction of 348,111 pounds of carbon dioxide.

• Saving 438,617 miles of carbon dioxide – enough to drive around the earth 17.6 times.

The current and traditional production of insulation for technical clothing requires that the fibres be bonded thermally passing flat through high heat furnaces. In accordance with its mission relentlessly responsible, Primaloft has analysed environmental assessments related to its own production, and decided to remove the thermal furnaces in order to radically reduce carbon emissions.

“Once we identified the furnaces as a key opportunity to reduce emissions, we took action to find a creative solution,” said Joyce “Our engineers have therefore developed and perfected a production technology that uses air rather than heat to polymerize and stabilize insulation”.

In autumn 2020, Patagonia will be the first first loft partner to incorporate production technology primaloft P.U.R.E. into its products.
Primaloft PURE follows a year later the introduction of primaloft Bio, the world’s first insulations and synthetic materials, 100% recycled.
Primaloft Bio will be available in the clothing of the Houdini and Norrøna brands, as early as autumn 2020.