Rewoolution alongside Simone Perona’s enterprise

Rewoolution alongside Simone Perona’s enterprise

Rewoolution, the activewear brand of the Reda Group and a B Corp certified Italian company, has chosen to support Simone Perona in his latest venture at the BiUltra 6.24 by providing him with technical sportswear to tackle his challenge.

Simone is the first Italian athlete with an intellectual disability to take part in the 24-hour ultramarathon, in which he covered 120 km and 56 metres, finishing 63rd out of 285 runners in the race. The ultra-runner, originally from Biella and a Special Olympics runner since 2012, achieved a historic goal, the result of months of training and sacrifice, showing that great feats can be achieved with ambition and courage.

Practising sport is a constant life lesson based on the determination and willpower of the individual, without forgetting the important teamwork that can accompany an athlete to the achievement of his or her dreams. For a sportsman it is essential to be able to count on his team of experts, as well as to use the performance garments that can support his race. Rewoolution has chosen to work alongside Simone, accompanying him in this ultramarathon. The Italian company stands out for its products made of sustainable and ZQ-certified pure Merino wool, from lifestyle to sportswear lines.

Overcoming chronometric and personal limits, as well as breaking down stereotypes and prejudices of all kinds, are lessons that every sportsman should pass on. Simone Perona is an example of this, demonstrating that believing in one’s dreams and striving to achieve them is the basis for overcoming barriers of all kinds.

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