Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab: the vibram truck tour becomes virtual

Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab: the vibram truck tour becomes virtual

Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab, on the road since 2015, does not stop, but changes size. The project dedicated to customizing the performance of the shoe, through the application of a Vibram sole, becomes virtual and announces many new features for users who want to try Vibram technologies and become real testers.

The customization service of Sole Factor Mobile Lab, which with its itinerant laboratory has travelled across Italy and Europe during fairs, sports events and events related to fashion and design, will now be accessible via web and will give people the opportunity to try Vibram technologies on their shoes and provide their feedback after a series of tests that will test the performance of the soles marked with the yellow octagon.

Exactly with the same mechanism of the stops at events and shows, the virtual tour of the Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab will follow a calendar where, from the beginning of July 2020, the different Vibram technologies and solutions will have their specific focus related to the sport discipline or the destination of use of the footwear.

It will start with Vibram Litebase, the technology developed with the aim of reducing the weight of the sole without affecting its performance, a perfect solution also for those who practice mountain bike disciplines, which will be the first focus of the project. In this virtual stage, downhill and enduro enthusiasts who want to try out the technology on their shoes will be able to register on the Tester Place platform and apply for the project. They will then be contacted by the experts of the Vibram team who will offer their advice to evaluate together with the customer the resole operation. After receiving the consent, the Vibram team will organize the collection of the shoes by scheduled courier and, once solved, will reship them following the same procedure in agreement with the customer. Once received and tested, the consumer will be invited to fill in a questionnaire with their feedback on the performance of the sole. At this link the platform to access the booking request.


Places are limited, but if you are unable to access the soling service, you will still be contacted and will receive a discount voucher valid for customization at one of the Sole Factor Academy and Diamonds shops throughout Europe. To this end, you can consult the list of all stores specializing in shoe repair on vibram in the section dedicated to this link!