Wild Country & Michelin change the climbing rules!

Wild Country & Michelin change the climbing rules!

From the encounter between Wild Country, an historical English brand based in the heart of the Peak District and Michelin, expert in contact with the ground, just an amazing collaboration could be born. Parthian and Meshuga are the first climbing shoes models able to work in synergy with the upper and sole thanks to innovative solutions that change the rules of climbing.

What do you have to aim for? Accuracy on supports and temperature variation. The starting point is grip and friction and Michelin responds with Slick racing tire technology: this is how a compound developed for and with Wild Country is born, which guarantees precision, grip and durability over time. A compound that guarantees a very high efficiency from 0 to 25 degrees, preventing the sole from softening or hardening.

This is a revolutionary sole also for the production method, as the plate system disappeares for a printed and a molded sole, put it directly on the bottom of the shoe. Combined with the upper innovative construction technology, allows the shoes to maintain their shape and performance for longer without deforming. It is a layer of polyurethane laminated inside two layers of microfibre.

The Parthian with lace-up closure, are precise both on the crack and on slab, designed for trad climbing, sport climbing, bouldering and also for the indoor.

The Meschuga with velcro closure are designed for bouldering, for high-level trad climbing and overhanging routes and they are also perfect for sport climbing.