World Wellness Weekend 2021: two days dedicated to well-being

World Wellness Weekend 2021: two days dedicated to well-being

World Wellness Weekend 2021: from 17 to 19 September, more than 120 countries around the world will take part in the weekend dedicated to feeling good. In Italy, Val di Fiemme is the only country to participate as an entire territory.

Wellness flows like lifeblood in the Val di Fiemme, where feeling good is not a luxury, but an accessible and daily practice.

An open-air spa nestled between the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites and the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino and Monte Corno parks, Val di Fiemme is populated by more than 60 million trees (3,000 per capita) managed by the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme since 111. One of the most virtuous territories in Italy, it is a renewable energy district that self-produces clean energy, and is also at the top of the charts for correct management of separate waste collection. On a social level it can count on more than 300 associations active in the area, which is also a unique production pole in Italy for its ability to transform well-being into an economic engine. Fiemme also boasts one of the world’s most “quoted” outdoor museums, which can be reached by a “seminovia”, a chairlift that sows biodiversity. A sporting homeland with a long tradition, it will be among the protagonists of the next Olympic Games in Milan Cortina 2026.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that Val di Fiemme is the first and only place in the world to participate as an entire territory in the World Wellness Weekend (WWW), the international event that since 2017 promotes psychophysical wellbeing as a lifestyle. This year’s event involves more than 120 countries at the same time over the weekend of 17/19 September, close to the Equinox, a period chosen as a symbol of balance and harmony.

The Trentino valley will reveal its profound nature as a land of wellbeing through activities and events organised in complete safety by the Azienda per il Turismo Val di Fiemme in the wake of the 5 pillars of the World Wellness Weekend: rest and creativity, nutrition and immunity, movement and vitality, mindfulness and serenity, motivation and solidarity.

Throughout the weekend, from dawn to dusk, there will be hikes through the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, dance shows and flower aperitifs, outdoor Kneipp courses, regenerating hay workshops, stargazing, night walks listening to the breath of the forest and moments dedicated to animal care. The valley’s restaurants will offer healthy dishes prepared in collaboration with star chef Alessandro Gilmozzi. There will also be themed activities and events organised by the hotels and local businesses.

There will also be three major events within the event: the Fiemme Namasté Festival – two days of yoga, karate and tai chi in the presence of the Dolomites and at the edge of the (bio) lake -, the Skiroll World Championships and Fiemme Senz’auto, an entire day dedicated to environmental awareness and the slow rediscovery of the area with State Road 48 of the Dolomites closed to vehicular traffic: an invitation to walk, cycle or take any other non-motorised means of transport along the 13 kilometres from Cavalese to Predazzo.

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