Once upon a time… the Mer de Glace glacier

«C’era una volta il ghiacciaio della Mer de Glace». Potrebbe iniziare così la storia che racconterò un giorno ai miei figli. «Al posto dell’area di servizio che avete visto oggi, c’era un rifugio dove ho dormito. Invece dell’autostrada sulla quale siamo passati, c’era la neve perenne».

A story to remember: ascent of the inviolate west face of Bhagirathi IV

Once upon a time there was a king named Bhagiratha. The legend tells that, when he became prince of the Sagaras, went to meditate on the Himalayas for a thousand years to please Ganga, the goddess of the river Ganges, in order to obtain the liberation of his ancestors from the curse of Kapila. 

Dawn, on the slopes of Monte Rosa

What is dawn if not a brushstroke on the canvas of the world? It is night that becomes day, it is the darkness painted with light.

Via Alpina Central – 6 hours outward, 35 days return

It all started out as an unexpected and slightly alarming "Ale, it's urgent, can I call you?" Ten minutes after that message, it was decided that we'd go for a ride in the mountains. The idea was to do a part of Via Alpina, which crosses the Alps from France to Slovenia. We weren't clear on how to organise it, but we would think about it as we went

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