Tips from The Pill: how to choose your trail running shoe?

Let's debunk the myth: there is no such thing as the perfect trail running shoe. Or rather, there will be a perfect shoe for a certain runner and for a certain trail.

A new dawn: in memory of Adriano Trombetta

"In the new video promoted by La Sportiva, together they tell the last few years shared with another person, Adriano Trombetta, a mountain guide and friend, who died buried by an avalanche. This is their story, a story that deserves to be told."

Interview with Aldo Kane: discovering an extreme adventurer

For Aldo Kane, creativity is the ability to immerse yourself in nature and take lessons from what you see and hear: a journey to discover an extreme adventurer.

Tips from The Pill: How to choose your hiking shoe?

When you decide to buy a pair of hiking boots the market puts us in front of a myriad of possibilities. It may seem trivial, but the first step is to ask yourself what your needs are as a hiker.

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