Ilaria Magistri and Stefano Bianchi: together along the paths

They are Ilaria Magistri and Stefano Bianchi, friends and partners on mountain trails, united by a strong love for trail running. For them, training and competing together means supporting each other and sharing this strong passion that unites them.

Porters, a true story of mountain empathy

At the foot of the Buddha of Kargah, carved in the rock at the gorge of the "dry stream" Shuko Gah, at the base of this ravine and with the sun in my eyes, I am happy. At the end of the journey, under the warm rays of the sun, I find my Pakistan.

Polartec and Steve Layton: from plastic bottles to sustainable fabrics

We've heard a lot about sustainability in recent years, and several companies, including Polartec, have been working sustainably for some time now. Polartec was created by the engineers and inventors of a prestigious textile company. Over the years they have improved efficiency, simplified processes and increased performance capabilities and contin

Discovering Yankee Boy Basin in Colorado

"No weekend plans, just a Jeep and a desire for adventure, so Dallas and I set off for Yankee Boy Basin from Boulder, Colorado."

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