Francesco Puppi e Cesare Maestri, Nike trail runners

A physicist and an engineer. Francesco and Cesare are part of the Mountain Running Italian National Team and together flew to Patagonia where they won two silver medals. Having recently entered the ranks of the Nike athletes, they pursue their dreams through trails, fatigue and love for running We asked them to tell us more about their emotions.

Scarpa and I Ragni di Lecco

We met a few days ago at SCARPA company for a very special and significant event: to document the beginning of the sponsorship of Ragni di Lecco by SCARPA.

The Pill Sport & Style

Lost in the woods

“A dream corner, where the mountain has the breath of the larches and firs; a country between sky and green, beyond the beaten roads, where silence is sweeter and loneliness does not weigh.”

Fragsburg: the forgotten crag

It is now well known that South Tyrol is a real promised land for all climbing enthusiasts. In fact there are numerous rock gyms scattered in the South Tyrolean land that can offer, to real experts or less ones, days made of sweat and fun on the blocks. One of these, inexplicably between the least known, is Fragsburg.

Alta Via, the best of Dolomites

Walter Bonatti once said: “Look if you have to come this far to pursue your dreams, to not be there in the confusion, among the human beings who are there, to have fun or to look for something that has nothing to do with what I'm looking for!”.

The amazing life of Krzysztof Wielicki

At 17 he had his first experience in the mountains, on the Polish cliffs. An approach to the vertical world that will indelibly mark his life taking him, in the 1980 winter, to the summit of Everest together with his partner Lezsey Chicky.

A Piano to Zanskar

The odyssey of three strange characters determined to bring a piano to one of the most remote places on earth.

Alessandro D’Emilia intervista

Alessandro realizes documentaries following many expeditions and extreme sports projects, as well as environmental and social issues. His "Dusk Chorus Documentary", an award winning film about the theme of biodiversity in the most remote parts of the rainforest on earth, won in both scientific, environmental and social fields categories at prestigi

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