Life in White: in search of eternal winter

They are Laura and Gabriel, a Spanish couple living between Austria and Chile, who also spend a few months a year in Japan. Every year their aim is to experience an "endless winter".

Jussi Oksanen: from professional snowboarder to photographer!

"La vita poi è fatta di incontri e coincidenze, e capita, mentre visioni uno shooting per Alba Optics, di scoprire che il fotografo è proprio lui."

Where to climb in Sicily? Bosco Scorace!

Bosco Scorace is the project that tells where to climb in Sicily, among eucalyptus forests and sandstone rocks. But it is also much more...

Conquering the Écrins: an adventure for two!

"Tomorrow, wake up at 5 a.m. and I'll take you to an amazing place. And so, after a quick yoghurt, Edo and I set off towards the magical world of the Écrins.

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