Discovering the Faroe Islands

The Faroe archipelago is an autonomous Danish territory with a population of about 50,000 inhabitants. It could also be addressed as the “land of shepherds and breathtaking landscapes”.

The Running Pastor: pastor of a religious community and runner

Pastor of a religious community and passionate runner. We’re not talking about two different and antipodal people, but two aspects that coexist in the same body. The Running Pastor tells an unusual story about running, seen as a way to work through your own personal conflicts, but also to lighten those of others.

5 good reasons to see “Non voglio cambiare pianeta” by Lorenzo Jovanotti

"La moda veloce è una pandemia dei nostri tempi. La durevolezza è uno degli aspetti più trascurati della sostenibilità. L'ingranaggio più sostenibile che hai è quello che è ancora nel tuo armadio, non quello nell'oceano o nella discarica. È la cosa che continui a indossare."

Alba Optics: quality and attention for every little detail

Young, nice and super dynamic. We met Luca Gentile and Piergiorgio Catalano, the founders of Alba Optics, an Italian company that has managed to make itself known all over the world in a couple of years.

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